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3 Groatholm Way, Kilwinning
Ayrshire, KA13 7NB

North Ayrshire: 01294 557349
Mobile: 07840 445331
South Ayrshire: 01292 475919
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Welcome to Pipetracks

Welcome to Pipetracks

Pipetracks is a family run business originally established in 2005. Our main business is replacing lead pipes and repairing burst pipes.

We aim to cause minimal disruption to both the customer and the property. We are able to offer a quick and efficient water pipe installation by trenching or by using a trenchless technology. All our work is finished to a high standard and guaranteed.

Our team of engineers are fully equipped to undertake leak detection work using various methods of sounding and correlation which can save metered premises thousands of pounds a year. We repair burst mains and communication pipes and are water hygiene code of practice approved.

We have 35 years Water Industry experience within the team and we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Lead Pipe Replacement

By replacing lead pipes you eliminate the possibility of higher than desired levels of lead in your water supply. You may also notice an increase in water pressure and flow to your home or business.

Prestwick Eco House

109 Adamton Road South, Prestwick, is an end terraced house set in generous garden grounds. This is where we will conduct a Feasibility Study to build a Sustainable, Net Zero Energy and Zero CO2 House... click to read more

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