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3 Groatholm Way, Kilwinning
Ayrshire, KA13 7NB

North Ayrshire: 01294 557349
Mobile: 07840 445331
South Ayrshire: 01292 475919
Mobile: 07951467232


Our answers to questions raised:

When is the build scheduled, will it be sold on completion and if so, what is the estimated price?
Karen Lindsay Smith

The build is scheduled for Spring 2011.
On completion, we have promised South Ayrshire Council & The Energy Agency the use of the Prestwick Eco House for a period of time.  After which, there are a few possibilities: our own family may move in and live there, or we may choose to rent or sell…our options are open.

We are in the final design and costing stages so, at the moment, we can’t give a valuation.

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