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Prestwick Eco House Gallery Pipetracks Designed by Audrius Ringaila

The Third Design Option focused only on planning refinements, thus no new environmental design elements were introduced.

On the ground floor, in order to increase dining/living space, the entrance lobby and kitchen space were redesigned.  In the new layout, the main entrance was moved to the North East corner, the kitchen was made without any partition and it was put next to the machine room.  As a result, the new ground floor planning has significantly larger dining/living area, yet same size kitchen as in the second design option.

No design changes were made on the first floor.

Following client request, second floor became almost completely occupied by the master bedroom with much smaller storage spaces.  In addition to that, small bathroom space with shower facility was introduced on the South East corner of the bedroom.

2 second design option 3 third design option 4 ground floor 5 first floor 6 second floor 7 long section 8 cross section 9 View of the second floor 10 View of the ground floor 11 View of the living dinning space 12 View of the living dinning space 13 View of the living dinning space 14 View of the North elevation 15 View of the West elevation 16 View of the South West corner